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Charge list for securities


Charges (HKD)

Trading Commission

0.25% on gross trade amount or min $100.00 whichever is higher

Transaction Levy (HKEx)

0.005% on gross trade amount

Transaction Levy (SFC)

0.0027% on gross trade amount

Stamp Duty

0.13% of gross amount, $1.00 (rounded up to the nearest dollars)


0.01% of gross amount (Min Charges $5.00, Max Charges $300.00)

Transfer Deed Stamp Duty

$5.00 per transfer form (Only for the seller)

Physical Stock Deposit

Free (Transfer Deed Stamp Duty will be collected)

Physical Stock Withdrawal

$5.00 stamp duty per transfer deed or min $20.00 and Handling Fee $100.00

SI Fee (Delivery)

0.25% of gross value of a SI transaction or min HK$100.00

ISI Fee (Stock Deposit / Withdrawal)



Warrant Conversation, 

Right Subscription

Cash Offer/ Open Offer/ Privatization/ Take Over

$1.50 per board lot plus stamp duty if applicable and Handling Fee $100.00

Scrip Fee

  1. Through CCASS
  2. Others


$2.00 per board lot

$1.50 per board lot

Collection Fee (Cash Dividend, Cash Bonus or Cash Interest Collection)

0.5% of cash amount or min $20.00 whichever is higher

Custodian Fee

Free (HK Stocks holding less than 5,000 board lots are eligible to this waiver)

                        Ineligible clients : $0.02 per board lot per month

Unclaimed Dividend

$300.00 per claim plus 2% on gross dividend amount and CCASS handling charges (Min. Charges $330.00)

Handling fee for subscribing IPOs 

Free (Applicable to online cash applications)。 HK$100 (Non-refundable, for all margin applications and non-online cash applications)