How to open an account for margin

How to open an account for margin

Introduction of margin

Margin, or "buying on margin", is referred to as borrowing money for purchasing securities. CNI Securities accept this practice. Investors who have opened “margin accounts” can use the credit to leverage investments and enlarge buying power and return. CNI Securities will charge certain amount of interest for the credits.

How to open an account for margin

Fill in application form

CNI Securities offers a free service for opening an account for margin for those clients who have assets in their cash account. Please click the link below for downloading application form and related documents. Check the box for margin, fill in information and sign. Please be reminded to sign on the corresponding risk declaration form.

How to apply for credit

Call to apply

Please call our hotline (852) 2153-1666 for applying credit. If you have good assets for mortgage, CNI Securities may offer extra credit.

Charges for margin financing

The trading commission for margin account is different from that for cash account. Interest will be charged for the credit being used.


Membership Commission rate Minimum charge Minimum interest rate
CNI Member 0.25% HKD 100.0 P