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Fund related

Please deposit into the following bank accounts, all cheques should be crossed, and the receiver is [CNI Securities Group Limited]. In order to confirm, please fill in your account name and account number on the Bank-in slip and fax to our Customer Service Department via fax (852) 2153 1808 or email to cs@cnigroup.com.hk
HSBC  :  168 - 876811- 838
Hang Seng Bank  :  773 - 892955 - 002
Bank of China :   012 - 916 - 0 – 077674 - 3 
If you choose to deposit into the bank account, please fax (852) 2153-1808 or email ( cs@cnigroup.com.hk ) the bank receipt to us for confirmation.  (Please write down your account name or number on the receipt.)

Client can login to our trading platform and apply for withdrawal.

It takes one working day for banks to transfer funds. If client uses HSBC, Hang Seng Bank or Bank of China account, you can apply for immediate arrival for the fund transfer. ( Note : Handling fee of HKD 100 will be charged )

Normally, clients can apply for withdraw after T+2. However, if you want to withdraw earlier, you can apply for advance withdrawal as long as you are willing to pay the interest.