IPO subscription

IPO subscription

How to subscribe new shares

Login to our web base trading platform with your cash or margin account, click “e-IPO” in the menu on the left, then you can check and subscribe new shares of the companies which will be listed soon. We can apply on behalf of you, but we will not guarantee the subscription to be successful.

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Shares Information

SeqNo Company Prospectus Industry Issue price Stock code Listing date Application form
1 Weibo Prospectus Advertisement 388 9898 08-12-2021 Link
2 HANGZHOU SF INTRA-CITY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Prospectus Avigation Cargo Logistics 17.96 9699 14-12-2021 Link
3 Asymchem Laboratories (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Prospectus Medicine 410 6821 10-12-2021 Link
4 GUSHENGTANG HOLDINGS LIMITED Prospectus E-commerce 29 2273 10-12-2021 Link
5 CANbridge Pharmaceuticals Inc. Prospectus Medicine 12.18 1228 10-12-2021 Link
6 Desun Real Estate Investment Services Group Co., Ltd. Prospectus Accessories 1.46 2270 17-12-2021 Link
7 Shanghai Conant Optical Co., Ltd. Prospectus Property Management 6.1 2276 16-12-2021 Link
8 Yonghe Medical Group Co., Ltd. Prospectus Medical Cosmetology 15.8 2279 13-12-2021 Link

Qingci Games Inc.


Software Development


14 6633


10 Chervon Holdings ,Ltd. Prospectus

Tool development andproduction

43.6  2285 17-12-2021 Link
11 Sirnaomics Ltd. Prospectus Medicine 72.7 2257 20-12-2021    Link



SenseTime Group Inc.




Artificial intelligence










13 Vanov Holdings Co., Ltd. Prospectus Paper blanket manufacturing 不超1.44 2260 29-12-2021 Link
14  JL MAG RARE-EARTH CO., LTD. Prospectus

High performance Ndfeb permanent magnet material

40.3 6680 31-12-2021 Link

Subscription methods and fees

Subscription with cash

Subscription with cash means that you will use 100% of the cash required in your account to subscribe new shares. The amount of shares you want to subscribe determines the amount of cash you need to have in your account.

Service charge HK$100

Subscription with margin

You can use margin financing with the highest ratio of 1:9 for subscription of new shares, i.e. the minimum amount of money you need to have in your account is 10% of the value of the new shares you want to purchase.

Service charge HK$100

Subscription Notice

Payment method

You are required to deposit the full amount money with relevant fees and levies in your securities account before the "due date". We will deduct corresponding amount of money in your account on the "payment deduction date". If you are unable to complete the deposit and maintain sufficient amount in your account before the "due date", the subscription will not be processed.

IPO results

The client may obtain the shares on the expected date of issue written in the prospectus if the subscription is successful. The shares will be deposited directly into the client's securities account. Clients can login to the trading platform to have a check. The frozen fund due to unsuccessful subscription will be directly returned to the client's securities account on the expected "refund date" being written in the prospectus.


  • If I subscribe new shares with margin, do I have to pay for the interest for the margin credit if the subscription was failed?

     Yes. The interest is being calculated starting from the day which the credit is being used. If the subscription is unsuccessful, then the interest will be calculated from the day which the credit being used to the "refund date".