Margin Trading Financing

Margin Trading Financing

Margin trading financing is the provision of loans to premium customers to gain greater capital to invest in stocks with greater profit potential and flexibility; it will also associate with greater risk. 

Assuming the consumer invests one stock in 100HKD, then the stock price increases to 150HKD. In general, the return on investment is 50% without commission and handling fee. However, if you invest the stock with 50% margin level, it means that your invested fund is 50 HKD and loaned 50 HKD from CNI and so your ROI will be the 100% of your invested funds.

Margin Trading Financing allows investors to invest securities with greater capital according the changes of the market. 

The amount of the Margin Trading Financing can also be used for back-up credit, if the funds of securities purchase cannot deposited in to CNI’s account, the margin trading amount will automatically deliver to transaction fee, in case the expired handling fees cause by overdue settlement.

More than 2400 stocks are available in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong Stock Exchange Centre. 

Margin Ratio can up to 90%

Stocks cannot be pledged to banks

CNI is rich in capital, it is not necessary to finance by pledged shares to other banks

Margin Ratio depends on individual stocks. Please contact our customer services for details.