Initial Public Offers, Underwriting and Placements

Initial Public Offers, Underwriting and Placements

As an international financial center, Hong Kong is one of the world's leading capital markets. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx) is the most popular venue for listing and fund-raising. During the past eight years, the total amount of IPO funds raised through the HKEx exceeded HK$2 trillion. During this period, the HKEx also ranked first in the world for IPO fund raising for five years. It has over 2,000 listed companies, including multinational and mainland companies. Its popularity can be explained by a number of Hong Kong’s advantages as a listing venue: 

1. Gateway between Mainland China and the Rest of the World 
2. Bilingual legal documents and communication
3. Strong Liquid Market with Free Flow of Capital
4. Strong Legal System and Sound Regulatory Framework
5. Objective Listing Criteria and Streamlined Vetting Process
6. Innovation to Attract More Listing Applicants



IPO subscription creates numerous profitable investment opportunities. CNI Securities aims to provide a quick-and-easy platform for our customers to subscribe IPO in Hong Kong. You can submit application through our user-friendly online IPO Services which enables you to sell the allotted shares on the first day of listing. As the invaluable customers of CNI Securities, you would be able to: 

1. Access comprehensive IPO information timely and conveniently from our financial portal partner 
2. IPO subscription is available 24 hours online 
3.Multiply your buying power via our IPO Margin Financing service 
4. For more information on recent IPO, please visit here 

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