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CNI Securities Group Wins Three Awards

2018-03-27 admin

The 2018 , 7th Straits Financial Summit Forum and the  CNFOL 2017, 9th Financial and Economic Ranking Awards Ceremony were held on 26 March 2018 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Fuzhou.


The Straits Financial Summit Forum is a brand conference event of the Straits Financial Forum Promotion Association, which has extensive influence in China's financial sector.

On the evening of the 2017 Financial Ranking Awards Ceremony hosted by CNFOL,  CNI Securities Group Limited won the Hong Kong stock constituency,  "The Most Powerful Hong Kong Stock Brokers"  and  "Hong Kong Stocks IPO Best Listed Leaders"   two major awards;  and the company's responsible person Miss Bao Quan also won the " Hong Kong Stock Trustworthy Analysts" Award .

CNFOL  (Group) is a large-scale Internet innovation integrating financial information, investment services, big data finance, mobile new media and technology research and development. The company is positioned to be a globally influential online financial media and a financial services platform based on big data. The company has been selected for 2016 “ Top 100 Internet Companies “.